Mentimeter at the University of Bern

Titleimage: Mentimeter

Perhaps you have experienced it yourself: you are delivering your content to an audience that provides no clues as to whether or not your presentation is too simple or complex. Upon asking, no feedback is given either.

In situations like this, you want an easy-to-use and well-designed tool that lets you analyze your audience’s understanding of your presentation in real time. Thanks to this tool, you could also gather opinions as well as prior knowledge and respond accordingly, something which also be useful in team meetings.

With Mentimeter, the University of Bern provides you with such a tool, which is free of charge for all faculty and students. If you would like to use Mentimeter with your campus account, on this website, you will find all the relevant information needed to get started.  

Here, you will be informed both on how to get access to Mentimenter and how to migrate your existing Mentimeter account, in case you have already used the tool.